Nynas is contributing to a sustainable road network – we’re helping our customers develop better, more sustainable products.

 At Nynas, intense efforts are underway to develop high-quality products that enable longer service life, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and support the circular economy.

Nynas is a different kind of oil company. Our core competence is refining heavy molecules into high performance, long-lasting specialty products. This contrasts with other oil companies that primarily use oil to produce fuels.

For almost 100 years, Nynas has developed and refined high-performance products that are used in a wide variety of applications. With this long-standing presence in the market, the company possesses vast experience and in-depth knowledge. This ranges from product development to understanding the needs of its customers.

Nynas high-performing bituminous products are used to build and maintain roads, bridges, and airport runways. They also play a pivotal role in protecting roofs and are used in various industrial applications. Our products enable enhanced durability, lower CO2 emissions, and reduced energy consumption and noise.

Product development at Nynas is pursued extensively, with the primary goal of contributing to sustainable development. One example is Nypol RE, a polymer modified bitumen containing biogenic material.

To enhance asphalt performance and surface lifespan, polymers are incorporated into bitumen. The downside of using polymers is that the overall carbon footprint of the binder increases significantly. The inclusion of biogenic carbon in Nypol RE compensates for the footprint from the polymer modification while retaining the extended lifespan it offers. This results in a considerably reduced climate impact.

With nearly a century in the bitumen industry, Nynas knows how to provide long-term, cost-effective and functional solutions, thus assisting clients in finding the best and most sustainable use of bitumen for their application.

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